What Matters

What Matters

I was recently at a local networking event listening to a well respected speaker. He has accomplished many great things in his career and was telling us a number of things that were inspiring and worth contemplating. As a leader who helped the audience reflect and think about his/her career path, the one thing I heard was to constantly be asking “Why Not?” I will dive into that some more in future posts, but all I could think about was my daughter’s new line of questioning.

What Matters?

As a seven year old, she doesn’t know how profound she is being by innocently mixing up the words of ‘why does that matter?’ or ‘who cares?’ but it got me thinking….”What Matters?” could actually be a leading question we should all be asking ourselves when faced with decisions. They could be trivial and insurmountable or life-changing decisions that we are empowered to make all from asking ourselves a simple question….

I will continue to explore this topic in future posts, as I think she may just be on to something more wise than beyond her years.

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