What is DuckDuckGo.com and how can it help your business?

If you haven’t heard of this new search engine yet, you will very soon.
DuckduckGo.com is becoming the fastest growing search engine online today. This ‘new to the market’ search engine, is growing so quickly because of their privacy policies and their dedication to respecting their users anonymity.
Looking at worldwide desktop and mobile traffic, DuckDuckGo had an impressive 22% increase in traffic from January to December 2015. In December, the site had a combined 108,200,000 visit. *

duck traffic

With the trend in internet searching moving swiftly away from the norm of tracking every visitor, to a more private and anonymous experience, DuckDuckGo is the first search engine to recognize this shift and get in the game before everyone else. Their users seem to show more of an affinity towards search engine loyalty with the average amount of time spent on the site a very respectable 9 ½ minutes, as well as an impressive low 31% bounce rate.*
What else makes them different and offers you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new trend is the fact that they have only ONE paid ad placement (as opposed to Google’s 4), allowing that advertiser the bulk of traffic and a significantly increased CTR.
With Google ads at an alarmingly high rate and making it near impossible for the small business owner to afford and capture the traffic using the AdWords strategy, it seems the arrival of DuckDuckGo and the opportunities they offer for ad placement & the loyal users may be just in time to offer the ‘rest of us’ the chance to jump into the a successful digital ad campaign. The guerilla marketing trend is on! Are you ready to be one of the pioneers and reap the benefits?
*Source: Similarweb.com- Roy Hinkis, “DuckDuckGo: Who are Their Users and How are They Different?”

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