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What Matters- Key West

It’s the final countdown….we are 30 days away from what I am viewing as the apocalypse. And since it’s the end of my youth and immortality,


what better way to spend it than to go to Key West?

What Matters? 

I will be embarking on the journey known as down hill…the 4th decade….the end of the world as we know it….or as everyone older has said to me….just another day! Hog wash! If I have to share this day with the Pilgrims and Turkeys than you better believe I am going out with a bang!

In this case, what matters is that I am able to get some time away in the warmth and the sunshine and spend four days with friends and family drinking margaritas, and NOT eating turkey or cranberry sauce! I am thankful for all those who will be making the journey to have a 40th birthday celebration, who says I can’t do it with a cheeseburger in paradise?

How does this apply to you? What matters is finding something you are passionate about, and celebrating it! It could be in your personal or professional life, but set a goal and make a plan to achieve it. Sounds simple, but when was the last time you really sat down and did it? What matters is the way you go about structuring your action plan. It can’t be on a whim, it has to be well thought out and researched. There’s no reason you can’t create a workplace bucket list, but you need to find the time to flesh it out and make that dream a reality.