Social Media Campaigns

Social MediaSocial Media has replaced many mainstream channels of advertising and promotions. What started out as an avenue to share family photos and yummy dinner creations, has now morphed into a goldmine of opportunities for businesses of all types.

Branding on social media is just as important as reaching your audience to promote an event or a limited time opportunity. Choosing the right schedule is critical for maximizing eyeballs, and repetition ensures that you get a bigger bang for your buck when the opportunity to connect may only be a mere 30 seconds.

This campaign was designed to promote both an ongoing need for nurse recruitment, but also a specific Open House event to come shadow current staff and meet prospective nurse managers. I first designed a microsite for RN Recruiting  and then had a flight of social media posts highlighting current nurses from various locations. Then we also layered in the event information for the Open Houses, which included one snow day reschedule and one held during inclement weather anyway just to keep it interesting. There were also digital screens throughout each hospital and an email marketing campaign that went out as well for this event.

The social media posts went on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.