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Welcome to SparkHype

This is just the beginning! Meet Ailish and Catheren. Together we are going to build our repertoire of helpful tips, answer common questions and guide you in the digital direction your business needs to go. Having spent years in the digital media arena, we have experienced the highs and lows of the internet tech bubble and successfully made it out on the other side. Watching our former colleagues in the newspaper industry try to go out in to the digital spectrum taught us a thing or two about how our local businesses needed guidance in a variety of ways. We are offering a full spectrum of services and advice tailored to what your business needs. We don’t need to fill a quota, we don’t have sales incentives, and we don’t want you to try products that you don’t understand.

Instead, our mission is to provide our customers with creation or enhancement of their digital footprint. We are constantly working to improve and keep up to date with the latest digital marketing trends that will in turn make their businesses succeed in the digital spectrum. Our consultants deliver measurable results and provide the highest standard of customer service. Your business is our business and we want to generate that spark for you today.